The Worth County 4-H held their Youth Dairy show at the Charles and Linda Medlang farm on Sunday June 21st. The event was held at the Medlang’s due to the Covid-19 cancellation of this years’ Worth County Fair. 4-H Alumni Member, Michelle Medlang coordinated all of the efforts in recruiting members to participate in the cooperative 4-H Dairy Project program. 4-H’ers made numerous visits to the Medlang farm breaking their calves to lead, washing, clipping, grooming and getting their calves ready for the show. 4-H members pictured left to right are: Teagan Johnson, Jayden Beland, Dalton Logeman, Emma Logeman, Michelle Medlang 4-H Dairy Project Leader, Max Johnson, Tianna Charlson, Maya Johnson and Dennis Johnson, Worth County Extension Education Specialist.

2020 Worth County 4-H Dairy Show at the Charles Medlang farm

Junior Heifer Calf
1st-Emma Logeman (Green Shamrocks) Blue
2nd-Tianna Charlson (Golden Banner) Blue
3rd-Max Johnson (Grove Progressive Farmers) Blue
4th-Jayden Beland (Green Shamrocks) Blue

Senior Heifer Calf

1-Tianna Charlson (Golden Banner) Blue
2-Jayden Beland (Green Shamrocks) Blue
3-Dalton Logeman (Grove Progressive Farmers) Blue
4-Teagan Johnson (Grove Progressive Farmers) Blue

Summer Yearling
1-Dalton Logeman (Grove Progressive Farmers) Blue
2-Maya Johnson (Grove Progressive Farmers) Blue

Junior Yearling
1-Emma Logeman (Green Shamrocks) Blue
2-Teagan Johnson (Grove Progressive Farmers) Blue

Winter Yearling
1-Jayden Beland (Green Shamrocks) Blue

Senior Yearling
1-Emma Logeman (Green Shamrocks) Blue

3 Year Old Cow
1-Tianna Charlson (Golden Banner) Blue
2-Dalton Logeman (Grove Progressive Farmers) Blue

Junior Champion
Grand Champion – Tianna Charlson (Golden Banner)
Reserve Grand Champion – Jayden Belland (Green Shamrocks)
Honorable Mention – Jayden Belland (Green Shamrocks)

Junior Showmanship
1-Grand Champion – Maya Johnson (Grove Progressive)
2-Reserve Grand Champion- Max Johnson (Grove Progressive)

Senior Showmanship
1-Grand Champion – Tianna Charlson (Golden Banner)
2- Reserve Grand Champion – Teagan Johnson (Grove Progressive Farmers)

Supreme Champion
1-Tianna Charlson (Golden Banner)
2-Dalton Logeman (Grove Progressive Farmers)

Worth County 4-H Dairy Judge John Larson, of Emmons, selects the Overall Supreme Champion of the 4-H Dairy Show.


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