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Enterprise Journal

Getting old sucks

Jan 08, 2020 03:46PM ● By Lindsey Falk

In a few weeks, I’ll be having another birthday. I guess when you get to a certain age, you can’t really say you’re “celebrating” it, or even that excited
about it.

It’s pretty much just an ordinary day, other than some well wishes from the people in your life, and some texts from old friends that you don’t keep in touch with as much as you both know you should.

Probably the last birthday that I really looked forward to was my 21st. I was finally able to legally get into the bars at Ames, which of course meant that I was able to work on my pool and dart game.

My oldest daughter recently turned 14, which means she now has her learning permit. That was probably the birthday I was most eager for. Being able to drive a car??? Holy COW!

But once you’ve gotten to drive with your parents for a couple of years, the Sweet Sixteen becomes the biggest day of your life. My sister (whose birthday is two weeks before mine) handed me down her yellow Cavalier that she got upgraded out of. I fondly remember dropping my mom off at home after getting my license and taking off. What was my happiest day was probably her scariest.

Part of the best part about my birthdays as a young kid was the anticipation of the cake. My mom was always good at making (or getting) an awesome cake with something that I liked. There was a Hot Wheels one and a Seahawks one, but my all-time favorite was an R2-D2 stand up cake. It was totally awesome to the max!

One of my birthdays was spent in Hawaii. It must have been my 10th, because I still have the Hawaii ’84 shirt in my closet. I was a little guy, so my nine-year-old has long since outgrown it.

I guess I have had some pretty good adult birthdays too. We’ve gone to La Crosse with some friends a couple of times, and this year Sommer and I are going to take a little ski trip to honor my next step toward AARP status.

We just saw the new Jumanji movie over break. It was a really funny movie, and there was a fitting comment by Danny DeVito. Throughout the whole movie he kept saying, “getting old sucks.” But at the very end he said something else:

“Getting older is really
a blessing.”