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Mark your calendars: Oktoberfest slated for September 26 at Limestone Brewery

Sep 01, 2020 04:19PM ● By Theran Goodale

via Unsplash

The weather has begun to cool, the school year has finally gotten underway, and a sense of normalcy is slowly returning to take the place of what has been, to say the least, a very chaotic summer. While COVID-19 has forced society to continually adapt and change in order to create the safest environments possible, thankfully it seems that there are some things not even COVID can shut down. As the shining example, the summer season has begun to give way to the classic signs of fall: the smell of pumpkin-spice floating on the breeze, shorts being replaced by leggings and flannels, and orange and black decorations finding themselves back in windowsills.
It is easy to see the looks of excitement starting to show on the local youths’ faces as they await the celebration of a long-time treasured holiday: Halloween. However, before the kids get to celebrate, dress up and devour their spoils from the spooktastic holiday, there is an adult favorite celebration to be had: Oktoberfest.

Traditionally a German holiday, the event has steadily gained popularity worldwide and become a staple during the fall months. Known for its easily identifiable outfits, games and music, it never fails to stir onlookers into an anticipatory frenzy for the last, and most known characteristic of the holiday, the release of the May-brewed ale.

Mitchell County’s own Limestone Brewery and its founder, Tony Wynohrad, have hosted the celebration for the last three years and will be doing so again on September 26.

Wynohrad noted that the event has drawn a steadily increasing number of patrons each year; so much so in fact, that last year the aged May lager sold out completely.

While that is a good problem to have, Wynohrad assured that this year will be the largest batch the brewing company has made for this event, and it should be plenty to keep everyone satisfied.

Limestone’s Oktoberfest will also feature entertainment and activities in the form of axe throwing pins, hammerschlagen log setups, live music from a polka band and, of course, their previously mentioned freshly tapped and aged Oktoberfest ale.

While visiting the brewery, there was some discussion on this year’s unique challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, but those that venture out for the celebration can be assured that the venue has taken extra precautions and made adjustments in order to accommodate more guests, while still providing a safe social-distancing environment to mingle in.

The original stunning vaulted ceiling has been restored as a main feature of the venue, and lends to both the spacious feel and pleasant reverb that make it ideal for live music.

The large doors located at the rear of the brewery will also be open, and the alley they lead to quartered off to traffic in order to provide extra room and fresh air for the attendees that wish for a bit more elbow room.

The ale and venue are not the only reasons to make it out for a night of pleasant atmosphere and comradery. The polka band providing live music will be made up of local professional musicians from Charles City, Mason City, and Osage, including Osage High School’s very own, Mr. Jeff Kirkpatrick. This will be the second year the group has added to the overall ambiance of the evening. Polka music is traditional for Oktoberfest, and Kirkpatrick noted that it, “tends to compliment events like this very well.” 

Come out to support this local brewery, band, and adult-oriented holiday!

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