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Osage Football team reports positive COVID test

Sep 02, 2020 02:03PM ● By Travis Charlson
An individual inside the Osage Football program has tested positive for COVID-19, according to a release from the school district sent out to parents, staff and students on Tuesday. 

As a result, Osage has gone ahead and cancelled Friday’s scheduled Varsity and JV games against Clear Lake, as well as suspending next Tuesday’s JV game at West Fork. 

“While we are sure you share our disappointment with not being able to play the game this week, we look forward to playing again in the weeks ahead,” said Superintendent Barb Schwamman in the release.  “Our coaches and staff have worked diligently to minimize COVID-19 exposure in several ways, including [i.e., sanitizing equipment, using social distancing measures whenever possible, and the use of hand sanitizers for the athletes]. Despite these efforts to minimize any exposure, we know that COVID-19 exists within our community.

"We encourage families and students in all sports/activities to have conversations about and take steps to follow preventative measures that support staying safe, healthy, and reducing the spread of the virus."

The release appeared to indicate only one positive case was reported, and did not identify any individuals.