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Osage’s Todd Frein throws hat in county supervisor ring

Sep 02, 2020 03:49PM ● By Savannah Howe

Todd Frein

Todd Frein, lifelong resident of Osage, has been nominated by the Democratic Party for the District 1 county supervisor seat. 

Frein has been employed ar RR Donnelley for nearly four decades, where he works in shipping. The Osage man is also involved in the Osage school board and has just started his second four-year term. 

Also a volunteer firefighter of over ten years, Frein said that he would be a good county supervisor thanks to his listening and people skills. 

“I like to socialize,” said Frein. “I want to listen to the community and my district, to find out what the people would like.”

Frein wants to address urban renewal and use of tax dollars if he is elected into office, and come up with new ideas about how tax increment financing (TIF) can be used to serve broader groups of people. 

“[TIF] should be for everybody’s use,” explained Frein. “For city, for rural, streets, too... Anything that we can improve. TIF has been very valuable to our businesses and our community’s expansion efforts.”

District 1 oversees the second and third wards in Osage; Frein feels that the infrastructure in these areas has improved over the years, with nice homes and road improvements, and stated that he would like to see the improvements continue, particularly switching from blacktops to paving. 

Frein said that the switch from three districts to five will improve overall county represenation by getting more people involved. 

“Not everyone will agree on everything, but I think that this is best for the city and the county,” he said. “We will cover more ground this way.”

The best thing about being in Mitchell County, Frein said, is the people. He hopes to help attract more businesses and families to Osage by supporting resources like the school, the CRC and the library. 

“We have had so many people come here and stay here over years and years,” he continued. “Good educators, solid school districts, beautiful main streets where most of the storefronts are full. I’ve spent my whole life here and it’ something special.”

Frein noted that his dad, Bob Frein, has been his rock and inspiration for wanting to get involved in county leadership. 

“My dad worked for the city and was the city maintenance supervisor for 42 years,” Frein recalled. “I have learned so much from him.”

Having been a delayed entry on the county superivsor ballot due to being a write-in, Frein intends to kick off his candidacy with door-to-door campaigning both in Osage and rurally. He said that a Facebook platform for his candidacy is coming soon.

The candidate lives in Osage with his wife, Jen, and their three children, Joe, Jadie and Trevor. He has served as a volunteer coach for Little League baseball and YSF football. He has also coached 9th grade football, 7th grade volleyball, and was an assistant wrestling coach for the Osage High School for many years.

Frein can be reached by phone at 641-426-6698 or email at [email protected] 
The Enterprise Journal will publish more candidate profiles throughout the remainder of July.