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Podgorniak receives Sierra Club endorsement for Iowa House

Jane Podgorniak

The Iowa Chapter of the Sierra Club has announced the candidates being endorsed for the 2020 election. These candidates have been selected based on their support of the critical environmental issues facing Iowans such as clean water, renewable energy, voter access to the polls, and protection of the bottle deposit law. 

“These candidates are leaders who truly care about public policy and its effect on the citizens of Iowa," Pam Mackey Taylor, Director, said in a September 8 press release. "True leadership means dealing with the problems the state faces. Being a leader requires courage, vision, and an interest in the future.” 

Jane Podgorniak (D-House Dist. 51), a Northwood native who publishes the Nora Springs Rockford Register, was among the dozens of candidates across federal, state and county levels who were given the Sierra Club's endorsement. 

“I’m a descendant of Northwood founders, and the fourth generation of my family to make Northwood, and Iowa, my home,” said Podgorniak in a March 2020 Enterprise Journal article. “True to my parents before me, I’ve taken interested in public affairs throughout my adult life. I believe the time is overdue to restore balance and dignity in Iowa politics. To create genuine prosperity and well being in our state all Iowans must be, and deserve to be, represented.”

“The future of Iowa’s state government and, thus, its environment, resides in the November elections," said Charlie Winterwood, political co-chair for the Iowa Chapter of the Sierra Club, in the release.

Self-proclaimed as “possessing a passion for politics in the realm of human rights,” Podgorniak was elected to the post of Worth County Democratic Chairman, furthering the work of advancing democratic principles by promoting political campaigns.

“Regardless of party affiliation, diplomacy and honest dialogue at the Statehouse is imperative. Currently, we are witnessing the result of a government weighted too heavily, for too long, on one side,” Podgorniak said in the March article. “The main objective of a representative is to serve the people, not a political party.

Iowa House District 51 encompasses Mitchell, Worth, Howard and some of Winneshiek counties.

“There are numerous ways to vote – voting at the county auditor’s office or voting at satellite voting locations before November 3, plus voting by mail and voting at the polls on November 3. Your county auditor’s office can tell you the locations of satellite voting and your polling place,” said EJ Gallagher, political co-chair for the Iowa Chapter, in the release. 

“As your House Representative, there are issues I know that need to be brought to the forefront including healthcare policy and restoring collective bargaining rights for teachers and state employees," said Podgorniak in the March article. But the fact is, the policies enacted for a whole generation have been created on only one side o"f the aisle. It’s time for Iowa to start moving forward. To do this, we need new leadership, from top to bottom.”

Podgorniak was honored with the Master Editor-Publisher Award from the Iowa Newspaper Association in 2011. She sold the Northwood Anchor and Manly Junction Signal in 2018 to her longtime employee Kris Kenison.