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Letter to the editor: Mitchell County needs more affordable housing

Oct 05, 2020 09:51AM ● By By Dave Stauffer
“Home Sweet Home”—the sign hangs in our dining room.

We have talked a lot about windmills, roads, broadband internet, and TIF in general. Let’s agree these are all important topics the supervisors will face. Now we need to get down to where the rubber meets the road. Mitchell County has been my home for over 42 years and a great place to live and raise a family. It is important to keep it a great place. How do we make what is good even better for everyone?

More clean, acceptable, moderately priced housing for our young families and citizens from all walks of life who move to Osage for jobs or retirement are needed. There is progression in this area, but there are still gaps. How we achieve and add to our housing alternatives is an important topic for county supervisors. The options should include updating present structures and building new homes with reasonable price tags while using incentives only where they are needed.

All of our contractors have the option of applying for these Urban Renewal incentives for new or older homes. Larger incentives may be needed to attract some of our fine contractors back into remodeling or upgrading already-existing structures. Presently many shy away from remodeling jobs because “there is not enough money in it”. The same is true for the Economic Development Board when focusing on increasing the tax base. Few projects have been for anything but new homes with prices that are too expensive for many of our people.

Finding a way to keep the people that are here in good homes and have good housing available for new people coming to Osage and Mitchell County is needed now and when new jobs are created. We can do this using common sense and a conscience.

Understanding that it is a benefit to keep Mitchell County money in Mitchell County, let’s do this. Why not get loans from hometown banks, use contractors from Mitchell County, and purchase materials needed for urban renewal projects from sources within the county—keeping the money at home. The bids should first be given to county businesses. Most often that which benefits one benefits the entire county.

Transparent leadership is needed to keep the public informed. Independent leadership with common sense and informed thinking will help Mitchell County keep the good stuff and make our county even better. Eliminating wasteful spending and setting priorities are two of my goals.

1. I will be a voice for all by being open and listening to new ideas.

2. I will protect and use tax dollars wisely by being informed and prepared.

3. Hard work with common sense is key.

Home is where the heart is—another popular phrase. I call Osage “home” and want to make a difference as a Mitchell County Supervisor. Don’t forget to vote. I’d appreciate your support as the Independent Candidate for District 1 Supervisor. Thank you!

David Stauffer


David Stauffer, Independent Candidate for District 1

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