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Aletheia, Osage’s new alternative health shop, seeks to help consumers shop mindfully

Oct 05, 2020 02:00PM ● By Savannah Howe

Aletheia owner Natashia Newhouse believes in the benefits of adding plants to a room; she offers lives plants for sale and tres chic pots to home them in.

Modestly tucked among the storefronts in downtown Osage, a new shop with charmingly exposed brick walls and vivid blooms of watercolor paintings has recently opened, where Osage native Natashia Newhouse has found seeking one’s truth to be an important motto to live by; so important, in fact, that she’s incorporated it into the core values of her new businesses, Aletheia, located at 614 Main St in Osage, in the former Rookie’s Custom Printing and Apparel shop. 

Aletheia is an alternative and holistic health shop, where Newhouse offers everything from skin care products to clothing and accessories to essential oils to live plants. With its stands of handmade jewelry to novelties like a stovetop Mexican hot chocolate pitcher to Newhouse's own artwork, the owner said the goal of everything in the shop is to make whatever space you’re in a happy place. 

Newhouse said that behind every product she offers in her shop is one key emphasis: environmental consciousness and sustainability. Aletheia’s wares are mostly handmade and sourced from small vendors, and she hopes that choosing this more mindful shopping route will make the processes of decorating the home and self care more meaningful for consumers, rather than choosing mass-produced alternatives.

Nash Jones is a Nashville-based sustainably sourced and vegan skincare line that Newhouse offers for sale in Aletheia. 

Aletheia offers a line of holistic and alternative health produces, including salves, tinctures and essential oil roll-ons and sprays that are sustainably produced, organic and hand-crafted. 

The business’ namesake is owed to the Greek language; aletheia is a term that translates to the nature of truth, disclosure of truth or unconcealedness. Literally translated, it means “the state of not being hidden,” and the word’s connotations resonated so much with Newhouse that she adopted it as both her business’ name and its attitude.

The owner also obtained her cosmetology licensures from the La James Colleges in Mason City and Cedar Falls, and said that she hopes to offer spa services such as massages and facials as soon as next year. She also offers psychic and Tarot card readings by appointment only. 
Aletheia is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday through Friday, and can be followed on Facebook at, or at, where appointments for Newhouse’s services can be made.

Newhouse lives in Osage with her two daughters, Lily and Violet. 

 Natashia Newhouse is pictured with her daughters Violet and Lily. 

Opening during a pandemic wasn’t ideal for Newhouse, but she sees a silver lining glistening through it all.

“I think people need some happiness and positivity in their life,” said Newhouse, “and I think that’s what I offer here. Happiness.”