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Letter to the editor: Dr. Haganman is part of the fabric of this community

My doctor, Doctor Haganman, has given close to 30 years to this community. He has been willing to go above and beyond for the care of his patients. Regarding the hospital’s statement that it’s a personnel matter, I think it’s actually a personal matter. In fact it’s very personal to all of us who call him our doctor. He’s delivered our children, watched them grow up, and supported them along the way. Whether it is a speech to a teenager at an appointment about alcohol, drugs and sex or stopping by the school to see an athlete who has an injury, he has made himself available to help everyone he can. I have always trusted him to give solid advice and care for my family ever since we arrived in Osage 25 years ago.

I find it very disturbing that in a small rural community where we have struggled to find doctors in the past that it was so easy to just release one that was willing to stay, wanted to stay, and has provided such wonderful thorough care for his patients. Doc Haganman is part of the fabric of this community and is someone many of us have depended on for years. My family spends several thousands dollars at the Mitchell County Regional County Health Center every year and I for one want to know the guy I trust is there when I arrive at the door. We need to support him and have a voice because it impacts all of us here in Mitchell County. He is my doctor and I will support him any way I can and hope you will too.

Brent Jennings, Osage.