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Letter to the editor: Mark, thank you for what you have done for my family

To the Mitchell County Regional Health Center Board,

Over the past 28 years, I have operated on over 15,000 severely injured patients as an Orthopaedic trauma surgeon. I was also born and raised in Osage. Accordingly, I understand 1) the magnitude of the physician-patient relationship; and 2) Osage, Iowa. While not knowing intricate details pertaining to dismissing Mark Haganman, this was a Board-related financial decision which completely disregards the well-being of countless patients, families and a remarkable community.

Unfortunately, it is notably clear that The Board has negligible understanding of the magnitude of this action. The Board doesn't understand the fear and loneliness, let alone the physical pain, that accompanies sickness and injury. Mark Haganman understands this as well as any doctor I have ever known and has provided exceptional care for 30 years.

I have heard first-hand from numerous patients, including my mother, the care that Mark always gives. I understand how his care fosters hope and trust for the sick and injured who will always be the most vulnerable people in the community. The Board has put a price tag on trust, hope and exceptional medical care in Osage. I would challenge anyone of the Board members, for just a single day, to provide the service that Mark Haganman has provided every day for 30 years.

My sense tells me that any one of them would quickly be distracted by an Excel spreadsheet. What truly matters in medicine is caring and hope. You just dismissed an exceptional physician who understands this. Mark, thank you for what you have done for my family. Your dedication and care inspire everyone of us who helps the sick and injured.

Todd McKinley
Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery Indiana University School of Medicine