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Letter to the editor: It's all about the soil

Dec 31, 2020 11:21AM ● By Jackie Armstrong
Enthusiasm about regenerating Mitchell County soils is growing, with cover crops, no-till and prairie strips increasingly evident across the landscape.

Farmers have a valuable opportunity to play important parts in the solutions to climate change and a new movie, Kiss the Ground explores that opportunity.

The Mitchell County Citizen’s Climate Education Chapter extends an invitation to our neighbors and farmers, to view this film anytime on Netflix, or free from January 3-6th, courtesy of Business Climate Leaders, Citizen’s Climate Lobby and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers For Environmental Action. To access the free screening of the movie, go to:

 More simply, just shoot me an email and I will be glad to forward the link for your convenience.  Although our county does not necessarily endorse every aspect of the movie it generates some ideas for great discussion about our shared interests in agriculture.

We will have opportunity to share experience and knowledge about the ideas in the film that make sense for Mitchell County on January 6th at 7:30 pm with a discussion panel. For a zoom invitation to the local discussion, email me at the address below or call Judy at 641-590-0406.

Join us with our problem solving quest,
Jackie Armstrong