Letter to the editor: Money for our County, Clean water for our citizens, habitat for wildlife.

Mitchell County has a terrific opportunity to develop a wetland that will provide “eco-system services” a/k/a cleaner water, habitat for wildlife, and flood mitigation. We get to have all these benefits, as the project is going forward, but we have another potential benefit to our community–$$! 
As long as our current Board of Supervisors approves the project we can move forward to eventually sell wetland mitigation credits and make a profit for the county at the same time that we reap the conservation benefits of the wetland.
Any questions about what a wetland is, how the funding works, and the benefits to the county should be directed to Adam Shirley at County Conservation who has both the advanced education and the pragmatic skills to communicate with the rest of us. You can find him at 641-732-5204.
Encouragement and questions about the wetland project can also be directed to our hardworking Board of Supervisors:
Todd Frein – District 1 (641) 832-3942 ext. 125    tfrein@mitchellcoia.us
Jim Wherry– District 2 (641) 832-3942 ext. 124  jwherry@mitchellcoia.us
Steve Smolik – District 3 (641) 832-3942 ext. 126  ssmolik@mitchellcoia.us
Michael Mayer – District 4 (641) 832-3942 ext. 133 mmayer@mitchellcoia.us
Mark Hendrickson – District 5 (641) 832-3942 ext. 13  mhendrickson@mitchellcoia.us

By Jackie Armstrong

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