I hope this doesn’t get too sappy, but I need to write a love poem.

From the moment that I saw you, true love was meant to be.

You had my heart locked up, when your soft arms first touched me.

Your embrace does always warm me, and your beauty is unmatched.

When we are not together, my heartache can’t be patched.

The comfort of your presence, sends my troubles far away.

Every time we’re parting, I wish that you would stay.

Some feel this love is troubling, that it isn’t meant to last.

Using wise words from Lee Corso, wait friends, not so fast.

I need you in my life, and now so more than ever.

Because the days are shorter, and we’re facing cooler weather.

I see the way you look at me, when I’ve tossed you on the ground.

I swear I’ll treat you better, keep you free from lost and found.

This affair is hot as ever, and I cannot see it dim.

I love my wife a lot, but I still have room for him.

We’ve been apart for months now, and my longing for you hurt.

Lovingly on my body, my favorite flannel shirt.

The End.

So, there you have it. Healthy or not, I love my blue and gray plaid, North Face flannel. I actually remember the day I bought it at Scheels. Somehow, it was on the clearance rack, and we have been together ever since.

I have plenty of other flannels. Some are softer and some probably look better. But this one hasn’t shrunk, doesn’t wrinkle, and goes with everything.

Sure, it could stand to see the laundry room more often, but lots of days it’s only on me for the first few cool hours. I’ve misplaced it a few times, and I’ve been truly scared that I wouldn’t see it again.

I’ve accused Sommer of hiding it, throwing it away, giving it away, or even burning it. But I think even she knows now that it’s basically part of the family. I dare not say this in front of the flannel, but I just bought something in Colorado that may make him jealous. It’s early, but I think there is definitely a spark.

There you were back in the corner, all retro and a goodie. Could you be? Might you be? My newest favorite hoodie??


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