EJ Photo/Travis Charlson

A clever new signed aimed at promoting a drug-free community cropped up on the south edge of town earlier this week.

The sign, which encourages drug dealers to ‘report their competition’, can be seen on the west side of the road as one heads north into town on Foothill Ave.

“If the drug dealers will turn on each other or fear they are going to be turned in, they will move out of our communities.” said Mitchell County Sheriff Greg Beaver. “I had seen something similar by a sheriff in the southern US.”

The Board of Supervisors encouraged the sheriff’s office to put up the signs, Beaver said, and is one of three that were put up in the county. The others are located in Osage and Riceville.

“[They’re] certainly unique and probably a first in Iowa,” Beaver said. “I think they will turn some heads.”


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