ABILENE, TX—Junior Shorthorn enthusiasts gathering from 24 states competed in the 2020 National Junior Shorthorn Show & Youth Conference in Abilene, TX from June 22 – June 27. Not only did the juniors compete with their animals, but had the opportunity to compete in thirteen individual, team, or state contests, including photography.  

Kaitlyn Berg, a student at St. Ansgar CSD and a resident of Osage, earned top honors in the photography contest in the Prospector II age group (ages 10-12) with the pictured photo of a cow glancing back at the camera against a blazing Iowan sunset right in the Berg home’s pasture on Highway 9. She competed against other students from across the nation. 

The photography contest is all about the best ‘Shorthorn picture’. Candid shots, scenic pasture views, or any other picture featuring a Shorthorn were critiqued and scored. The entries are judged based on quality of the image, positioning, originality, creativity, emphasis on Shorthorns, as well as the overall appeal. In addition, there was a digital photography contest for the intermediate and senior divisions.  

“This event [youth show] is more than just a cattle show, it prepares these youth for future life experiences with the contests and added activities,” Montie Soules, the Executive Secretary of the American Shorthorn Association, stated in a press release. “The National Junior Shorthorn Show & Youth Conference brings together more Shorthorn producers and exhibitors than any other event we have.”


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