Nicole Cole of the Booster Club presents Putney with his award at halftime of the girls basketball game. EJ Photo/Travis Charlson

The St. Ansgar Booster Club inducted its newest member to the program’s hall of fame Tuesday, which honors individuals for their outstanding contributions to Saints athletics.

Brian Putney was honored at halftime of the girls basketball game earlier this week, where the long-time booster club member was given a plaque and an ovation from the crowd for his many contributions to the school and its sports programs over the years.

Putney has been an active with the Booster Club board for over 20 years, serving as the president, vice president and secretary. During his time with the Booster Club, Putney helped to create the banner program, helped start the school’s  trap shooting team, and has worked along side many community members over the years  to help improve the youth in our community.

The EJ reached out to a couple of coaches, athletic directors and fellow board members that Putney worked along side over the years, who all said Putney was well deserving of the nomination:

Joel Nickerson

Brian was always willing to put the work in to make the fundraising events a success, whether he was in charge or helping out as a worker. He conducted meetings in a professional matter and sought input from all members.  He was able bring ideas together and put the plans in motion, and took pride in a job well done and spoke up if he knew something still needed to get done. Brian was a joy to work with.

Merlyn Thorson

Brian was very unselfish with his commitment. He stayed on with the Booster Club long after his kids had left high school, which was just another sign of his unselfishness. He was always willing to do the work, and that’s what always stuck out in my mind.

Ronnie Pitzen

I was on the Booster Club quite a few years with Brian. He always had great ideas and was always willing to help. After I got off the Board Brian would call me to come in and visit about what he was thinking about doing or he always wanted my feelings before he would try doing something new. He always said” I want to know what you think about this as I know you have had many years with the Booster Club”. I always valued this as Brian wanted to do what was in the best interest of the St Ansgar Athletes. Brian is well deserved recipient of this award.

Brian Steinberg

He did a very good job for a very long time, and a lot of people benefited from his time here.

Devin Schwiesow

Mr. Putney was an integral part of the St. Ansgar Booster Club.  Even long after his own children were graduated, he was still working on strengthening all of our athletic programs.  He helped get the initial funds to push our facilities to the next level.  With his leadership skills, and the work of many other board members, we now have the best small school facilities in the state.  I would like to personally congratulate Mr. Brian Putney for his induction into the St. Ansgar Hall of Fame, and thank him for his dedication and commitment to St. Ansgar Athletics.


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