We got a snowmobile for Christmas.

It’s actually for the kids, but I’ve put a few hours on it too. It’s about the smallest model you can find these days (other than the ones that they’ve all already outgrown), but it’s still bigger than what was considered the biggest and fastest years ago.

Our current family has never owned sleds, but both Sommer and I grew up on them.

She used to ride a lot in the Grafton area with Lindsey Kruger, and I’m guessing Jim had pretty sweet units.

We had 2 snowmobiles at our house. I remember when Dad got the second one for Mom as her Valentine’s Day present.I don’t remember her ever driving it, but she said she did a few times. Hey, it’s the thought that counts!

Years ago, we went on a few snowmobile trips to Wisconsin with the Edgingtons. I was so young that all I can remember is being squished on the front, my nose being cold, and some delicious fondue after riding. Oh, and the aroma of fresh exhaust.


One winter’s night, we took off with Dad and Jack to head to Carpenter. Dad had both my sister and I on his sled, and he managed to roll us down a steep ditch.

I’m sure he was scared when we finally came to a stop against the fencepost. When we got up, both of us were crying pretty hard. He was a little frantic and asked us if and where we were hurt.

We were fine, but worked up that he might have broken “Mom’s” snowmobile.

In high school, we put on a lot of miles, and were a little rough on the old machines. At that age, we were drift riding, trying for air more than speed. There’s still a dent on the back of an old helmet where Kirk Luense’s head and mine came together when we got a little bit too much of both.

For the past couple of years, I’ve taken a trip with some rock crushing buddies to the UP. We ride on sleds that go faster than I care to go, and put on more miles than I maybe care to ride, but the point of the trip is the same as it is riding around here.

The best part of the ride is when you park, and share some time and laughs with family and friends.


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