State Rep. Jane Bloomingdale, left, poses for a pic with the German students on a windy day at the top of the State Capitol in Des Moines. EJ PHOTO/TRAVIS CHARLSON

A group of foreign exchange students have made their way from Germany to St Ansgar this fall, arriving a week ago. The students are ages 16- 17, and would be equivalent to high school juniors here in the States.

A handful of St. Ansgar students and their families are hosting the German kids, who will spend a couple weeks in the area before heading out to see Mt. Rushmore.

Iowa’s Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg meets with the exchange students,
answering questions and explaining some of the roles he
plays in our state’s government. Gregg holds an autograph
from former Gov. Terry Brandstad, that he got as a little kid.

My parents and my sister, a junior, happen to be hosting one of the students, so together we took the group down to Des Moines for a tour of the State Capitol on Monday.

We got to see the House and Senate chambers, learn about the various kinds of artwork and architecture in the building, and climb a bunch of stairs.

We introduced the group to one of our area’s representatives, Jane Bloomingdale, and she was able to take us all the way to the top of the golden dome where we could look out over the Des Moines skyline.

A knock on the door got us into Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg’s office, and he was kind enough to take time out of his day to chat with the kids, answer questions about our state’s government, and talk about the roles he plays in Iowa politics.


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