The St. Ansgar graduating class held their commencement ceremonies on Sunday, July 26, at the St. Ansgar High School gymnasium.

Speakers included senior class co-president Jolene Hansen, high school principal Lynn Baldus, class members Jadyn North and Montanah Scott, educator Luke Nielsen, superintendent of schools Michael Crozier and senior class co-president Carissa Blake.

Grand marshals were Hali Anderson and Ryan Cole. Public attendance was restricted to family members as a pandemic precaution. 

Diplomas were awarded by one of the graduate’s family members to encourage minimal contact and social distancing.  

Despite the pandemic restrictions put on the ceremony, and despite the commencement happening two months late, the graduating class shared many smiles and tender moments with their loved ones.

“No one could have predicted that your senior year would end the way it did,” said principal Lynn Baldus. “I’m truly sorry for all of the events that you missed. However, I am confident that, no matter what the future holds for you, you will be ready to face whatever challenges await you.”

“These past twelve years at St. Ansgar have been unforgettable,” said senior class co-president Jolene Hansen.

The event concluded with a drive-by parade of well wishes and congratulations for the class of 2020. 

“Don’t follow the path that someone else has created,” said commencement speaker and class of 2020 member Jadyn North. “[…] Be the next greatest you.”

Congratulations, class of 2020!


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