Never trust a dog movie

I refuse to watch a movie or read a book in which a dog is the lead character. I’ve been burned too many times by the trailer of a cute pupp…

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The 80s were cool, man…

Last night we had the opportunity to show about a dozen youngsters from the ages of 5-16 just how cool the 1980s were.
We were bottled up in…

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From the Mayor’s Desk

By Norm Johnson
I trust you are enjoying a good summer. We have been very busy getting jobs done around St Ansgar.
You may have noticed crac…

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White lies

I’ve told a few lies in my life. That’s the truth. And the real reason has been pretty consistent and fairly simple.
Because I was scared.

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They grow up so fast

When you have kids, people are constantly reminding you that “they grow up so fast.”

Thank goodness!!!

Don’t get me wrong.  I have enjoyed…

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Fantasy vs. Reality

I love a good fantasy. When I was little, my favorite books were The Hobbit and The Sword Of Shannara. My favorite movies were Star Wars and…

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