The good race: Powers medals, helps teammate

By Kristi Nixon

CLEAR LAKE — Saint freshman Lila Powers is no stranger to adversity.

She was diagnosed with POTS, something that adversely affects her ability to run cross country, something Powers she is exceptionally good at doing.

St. Ansgar’s Lanie Hanna, left, and Lila Powers, right, help teammate Abbey Muller across the finish line after she collapsed approximately 25 yards from it at Clear Lake on Thursday, Sept. 15. EJ Photo/Kristi Nixon

In her words, she describes the illness as, “It drains me, it deals with my blood pressure and heart rate. My blood pressure will get low and my heart rate will get high, and it will cause me to pass out. The heat definitely plays a part of that, so…”

But on this day that wasn’t particularly hot or cold, Powers came in with an eighth-place finish in the team race, ninth overall, with a time of 21 minutes, 50.97 seconds and a medal. Each race has shown marked improvement as the weather has become more agreeable.

“Pretty good (race),” Powers said. “I’ve gotten a lot better since the first race. I’ve gotten a minute off, PR from each race. It’s getting better; I’m excited for the end of the season.”

And she, along with teammate Lanie Hanna, helped across Abbey Muller, who collapsed approximately 25 yards from the finish line. Muller’s official time was 36:12.34, but was on pace to come through a little under 30.

“Yeah, she’s okay,” Powers said of Muller. “She’s kind of in the same situation as myself. So we are able to help each other through it.”

The full story and more photos are available in the Sept. 21 print and online editions of the Enterprise Journal.


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